Information Technology

Software and application development, network and communication systems. Process automation and electronic commerce (eCommerce).

Media and Enterntainment

Broadcasting, publishing, digital games, advertising technologies and services, content production and distribution, mobile entertainment, social media.

Consumer Products

Consumer electronics, apparel and accessories, consumer services, food and beverage products, nutraceuticals. B2B multi-channel and international distribution models, B2C offline retail and eCommerce.

Medical Devices

Cardiovascular, surgical and orthopaedic devices (high risk, invasive, implantable, combination devices). New product development, validation, regulatory approval in US and Europe, manufacturing, distribution.


Cell culture based technologies inlcuding cell line, lead compound, bioprocess development. Process validation, upscaling validation, regulatory approval in US and Europe, biomanufacturing, distribution.

New Materials

Advanced, smart and nano materials for energy conversion and storage, sustainability (emission reduction, water filtration, purification, desalination), electronics and healthcare applications.

Industrial and Energy

Industrial systems and processes for refinement , seperation and purification of chemicals, process intensification. Energy storage and distribution, renewable energy, cleantech and waste management.

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